How to install WordPress plugins

After installing WordPress the first thing everyone does is plugin installation. In simple words, WordPress plugins are like apps for your WordPress website. Therefore They allow you to add new features to WordPress like a contact form, slideshow, shopping cart, and more. There are millions of free and paid plugins you can install on WordPress. Now discuss How to install WordPress plugins. So There are many ways of How to install WordPress plugins but two simple ways are:

How to install WordPress plugins from the admin dashboard?

First you login to the WordPress site admin. To add plugins to WordPress click to plugins > add new in your WordPress dashboard sidebar. Therefore After clicking “add new” you’ll see the WordPress plugins. You can use the search bar at the top right corner to find a specific plugin. Then click the install now to start the plugin installation.

How to install WordPress plugins,search plugins

The plugin will take a few seconds to install then you can click Activate Now to enable the plugin on your website.

How to install WordPress plugins, how to activate plugin

If you want to disable plugin simply go on the installed plugin to see what plugins you have enabled with the option to deactivate them

How to Manually Install WordPress Plugin from a Zip File?

Typically if you buy a premium/paid WordPress plugin you’ll have to install the plugin from a zip file. This is as simple as our previous method and can be done in the WordPress dashboard.

First, you’ll need your zip file you’ll be uploading. In our example, we’ll be using WP-Rocket. So whenever you download a premium WordPress plugin they’ll give you a zip file.

zip file

Now you’ll need to login to your wordpress sites admin and click to plugins and then to add new.

how to add new plugins,How to install WordPress plugins

Once you’re on this page you’ll see an option to Upload Plugin on the top.

how to upload plugins

This will pop open a panel that allows you to select your zip file.

Select your zip file and click Install Now. After your zip file is uploaded it’ll take you to a page to activate your plugin.

After clicking Activate Plugin your new plugin will now be active on your WordPress site.

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