c++ language programs java vs c++ what is c++ language programs

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Java vs c++ both are programming languages. But, what is the difference between java and c++ languages? Firstly, you need to learn about what is java basics concepts. Also, it would help if you learned about c++ language programs. After determining, you can know about where to uses java and c++ properly.

Java programming language is a general-purpose programming language, and It makes on the law of java object-oriented concepts. Hence, Java programming is a platform-independent language. So, that means the Java code write once, which defines by Java developers. But it can work on any platform and OS. Java programming also holds java Array and java interface ideas.

So, it means the java compiler code can run on all platforms. So, this is usually the first vital trait of java language from the rest best java eight features. And java programming is faster in its performance. It has defined data types like int, booleannumbers, etc.

Java programming language is computer software. And it is first developed by Sun Microsystem corporation. But, later on, it owns by Oracle business company for designing the many java apps.

What is the C++ language Programs?

C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It built by Bjarne Stroustrup. And used as an expansion of the C programming language.

Like java programming, C++ is also a general-purpose programming language. But it is a procedural programming language. It means that the code writes in a statement by statement order as a computer programming language. It has the best feature of structured programming language and recursion.

In common, the abstraction concept of oops language makes it easier to learn any programming language. Thus, C++ language programs are still considered a high-level language. But with the idea of new programming languages. Such as Java, C sharp in short form as C#, Ruby, etc. C++ is starting to be classified with lower-level languages like C.


c++ language programs java vs c++ what is c++ language programs difference between java and c++ what is difference between java and c++ language

To conclude, the java programming language used for desktop apps. Also, for android apps development. Suppose you want to build an app for mobile devices. Then the java language is best for you. On the other hand,c++ language programs apply only for the development of desktop apps. Such as various types of operating systems os.

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